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11/17/2016 / By prophecynews

Rumors circulating in the conspiracy theory blogosphere that President Vladimir Putin of Russia has sent a warning to Donald Trump

10/18/2016 / By prophecynews

In Acts 16:16, Paul and his team encountered a young woman who prophesied to them through what Luke calls a

09/20/2016 / By prophecynews

Article by Paul Schroeder Sometimes, after abductions, the inter-dimensional door, left open, invites in the “gangster fringe” element of the

09/06/2016 / By prophecynews

It’s the ritual you’ve seen dramatised by people with twisting heads, rolling eyes and disembodied voices in Hollywood movies. Yet

08/22/2016 / By prophecynews

That the idea of demonic possession is closely associated with religion is no great revelation. (Article by Stewart James Felker)