Multiple UFO sightings near the ISS lead some people to believe we’re being watched by aliens

Do aliens exist? If they do, could they be watching us right now? One conspiracy theorist seems to think so.

He has identified himself only as Graham, and he laid out his thoughts in full recently through a video where he claims that there were a total of seven Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) that can be seen clearly from the vantage point of the International Space Station (ISS). In Graham’s mind, the UFO sightings from the ISS is a sign that aliens could come visit Earth – in the flesh – fairly soon. In particular, they could introduce themselves as highly-advanced life forms that originated elsewhere in the galaxy, if not the Universe, and fundamentally change our way of life.

According to Graham, who owns the YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot, certain extra-terrestrial beings are present inside the UFOs that can be seen from the ISS, and that they will soon reveal themselves not just to the astronauts that might be out in space already, but also to the rest of the world itself.

“Sightings all over the world are increasing at a dramatic rate,” he explained. “We are being watched and observed like a large planet-sized scale lab experiment.”

In Graham’s view, it would really be in our best interest if visiting aliens are non-hostile.

“After all,” Graham says, “with the technology they must employ to travel vast distances etc., I’m sure they could wipe us out in the blink of an eye.” (Related: REAL or HOAX? UFO experts warn of “cosmic false flag” event, claiming deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity.)

The UFOs spotted by Graham, which are said to be present in full view of the ISS, haven’t been confirmed as alien spacecraft by any space agency officials. But Graham believes that this is all part of an elaborate long-term plan, where the aliens will only make themselves known at an unspecified future time, in coordination with certain world leaders.

“I think the time for disclosure will be within the next 15 years,” said Graham. He believes that such an event would impact Earth in many different ways, particularly with new technology, new medicines, and possibly even a new way of life. In his words, the entire human civilization could change in order to reflect one of unity and peace, instead of what is the current status quo.

Could there be any truth to any of Graham’s claims? For now, there’s very little evidence to support his theories. With that said, there’s also little evidence to the contrary. So until such evidence comes to the surface and clears everything up once and for all, it may do us all some good to listen to the inner skeptic in all of us, once in a while, and think about these types of conspiracy theories.

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