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Without opening up your wallet to check (don’t cheat!), can you recall the color of the largest number “5” printed on the newest $5 bill? Chances are you can’t, and the reason for this has to do with the way the media masters have mass-hypnotized society not to notice things that are right in front of their faces (the answer is purple, by the way).

During a recent episode of his CounterThink program, available for viewing at, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses how large segments of society are completely oblivious to things that are obvious, mostly because they’ve been brainwashed or hypnotized into focusing on other things due to mass social engineering.

Mercury in vaccines; pesticides in our food; fluoride in our water supply – these and many other disturbing realities are rarely, if ever, acknowledged in the mainstream because they aren’t part of the official programming narrative. Instead, the mainstream media and entertainment empires keep people watching the dangling, hypnotic chain of gun control, racial animosity, and political division, all of which allow the “deep state” to maintain a control grip on people’s minds.

“Because you have been taught or brainwashed into avoiding thinking about certain things, in the same way that you didn’t notice that the five dollar bill has a purple five, you have also been brainwashed into avoiding awareness of the things that society doesn’t want you to be aware of,” explains Adams.

“There are countless examples of this. For example, when you go to the grocery store and you’re buying brain-damaging poisons on the fresh produce – they’re called pesticides, they’re called herbicides, and glyphosate is one of them,” he adds. “It’s a cancer-causing herbicide, and it’s in almost everything. It’s in the bread. It’s in the doughnuts. It’s in the breakfast cereal. It’s even in things you wouldn’t think are GMO, like wheat, they’re heavily saturated with glyphosate.”

We really do live in a type of “matrix” where reality is stranger than fiction

While the purple “5” on a $5 bill is visible to the naked eye, pesticides in food and mercury in vaccines aren’t. As a result, many people never take the time – nor are they even aware that they should – to look a little bit deeper into what it is they’re exposing themselves and their families to by following the “herd” in terms of how they live in their daily lives.

As Adams reveals, propaganda is everywhere. And unless you know how to spot it and debunk it by educating yourself on matters of truth, you’re ripe for being tricked into embracing your own demise – which is exactly what the deep state hopes you’ll do as you follow their pied pipers of deception down the path of destruction.

“If you don’t take time to look at what’s actually happening in your world, you can easily be deceived by these insidious, lying groups and left-wing liars, who their job is to keep you distracted from reality, and focused on hating Trump, or focused on racial division – hating white people, hating black people, hating men, hating Christians – whatever it takes,” warns Adams, who also believes that society as a whole is being taught to not think critically about anything.

“It’s all about divide and conquer through hatred and intolerance and distraction, you see. It’s a hypnosis technique. And the people are truly mass-hypnotized.”

Adams calls this programmed ignorance of actual reality “negative hallucinations,” meaning people are being subconsciously manipulated to delete things from their observations of reality that don’t fit the status quo narrative. As a result, many people are living programmed realities, much like robots, without true cognitive ability or consciousness.

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