Time is NOT the fourth dimension: Glenn Jessome in the latest episode of CounterThink with Mike Adams

As far as we can remember, the concept of time has always been there. But what really is time? Is it truly the fourth dimension that comes after space?

Joseph Glenn Jessome of the Jessome Society shared his insights on the real meaning of time in the latest episode of CounterThink with Mike Adams. For starters, Jessome called the Big Bang theory a “Catholic creation myth.” He revealed, although many believe it to be an atheistic theory, the famous study was actually largely supported by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Scientists. Furthermore, he implied that the book, “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking, received funding from the Catholic Church before it became a massive hit.

Essentially, the Big Bang theory suggests that the universe is expanding and just like everything else, time begins to exist when the universe became denser. Jessome said, scientists seem to only wait for a great miracle before creating theories. He then began questioning time, saying it cannot be the fourth dimension of space since it cannot be drawn, and that no one can actually justify this claim whether logically or metaphorically.

For time to be a property of space, it would have been “spatial, visualizable, and it’s construction would have to follow the hierarchical pattern of the previous dimension,” according to Jessome’s model. However, it has none of the said characteristics which made him rediscover that time, rather than being caused by space, is the cause of all physical changes. The former Math teacher also argued that the natural phenomenon of time is the cause of motion, gravity, and consciousness.

In the interview, Jessome also mentioned how Albert Einstein himself admitted that there are a lot of flaws in the concept of general relativity.

Understand the Jessome model more by watching the whole, uninterrupted interview at CounterThink.com now. Learn what Glenn Jessome thinks about how the Big Bang should have been presented and a lot more in this interesting episode.


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